Hilsen fra Ildar

Jeg fik forleden en mail fra vores tidligere medlem Ildar, der nu slår sine folder i USA.

Jeg tillader mig at gengive mailen:

Dear Bjarne,
    I hope that everything is OK in club, and you still can beat Jetsmark. Unfortunately I can not help you now.
    I was almost out of chess for couple of chess concentrating of my scientific career gradually growing to ranks of Columbia University professor which is one of the best universities in the world.
    However I found some time to play chess in New York, and in the last tournament I earned the third prize and my second IM norm:
    Several games I played on the board used by Capablanca and Fisher when he was playing by phone in Capablanca Memorial in 1965. By a way Capablanca was a Columbia University student and last semester I had few students from chemical engineering like Capablanca, and I was teaching in the same room where Capablanca was listening his lectures.
       Of course, I will always remember that my first IM norm I earned being a member of Aalborg Skakforening af 1889!

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